We are Baserria

Baserria, farm house in Basque, means “towns of the forest”. These traditional buildings were created to provide a family with the necessary space and tools to survive in the wild. For us, this idea of the balance between the respect for nature and the survival of the families working and living from its fruits, is the core of our gastronomic project.

Thanks to the work of our producers, you are able to taste the essence of our homeland. All of them, together, working under the same of our Baserria. You can meet them here, working in the different areas of the building

Baserria (farm house) is our way to understand the land and our gastronomy. Producers, products and community are the based of our cuisine. Thanks to our producers you would be able to taste the essence of our homeland.
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Mendiola farm House, Astarbe, Astigarraga.

↓Parts of the Baserria

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Apple orchard

Surrounding our farm house, there are our 8 hectares of apple threes that provide the fruits for our press. Astarbe and Mendiola are our main Apple varieties and, Astigarraga, Oiartzun and Aginaga, our orchards. Everything starts and ends in our orchards, following the cider making process, the skins and seeds are returned to the soil after being fed to the cows which graze in the orchards.

The apples of our ciders

We are apple and cider artisans.

↓ Vegetable Garden

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Apple orchard

The apples of our ciders:

1.Tellegindegi farm house: Sheila eta Oliver.

2.Artamugarri farm house: Oihan and Felix.

3.Peluaga farm house: Txiki.

4.Astarbeko farm house: Joseba and Hur.

← Apple orchard

Vegetable Garden ↓

Vegetable Garden

Adjacent to the Apple orchard works a large family of vegetable producers. Focusing on sustainable and seasonal production learned from their ancestors, they work the land with care and affection.

The vegetables of our menu

Our Market:Vegetable Garden.


Map of producers→

Vegetable Garden

All the vegetables on the menu come from the following local producers:

1.Ibon Labayen

2.Bordatxo farm house: Manu.

3.Taula farm house

←Vegetable Garden



Our henhouse is 5 kilometers from your table. The eggs used to make our renowned cod omlettes and cod with green sauce, are brought to us from Txiki, at the Peluaga farm house. These chickens live and grow free and eat what the land provides them.

Cage free ecological eggs.

Txiki, Peluaga farm house, Oiartzun.


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Lumagorris (local hen breed) Cage free ecological eggs.

1.Peluaga farm house: Txiki




Where the happiest cows in the Basque Country live.

Where the happiest cows in the Basque Country live.

Irasmo-Azpikoa farm house, Martutene.


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Beef of Gipuzkoan cows, grown by Gipuzkoan farmers.





The local pigpens are located in the Basque mountains. Our pigs live in freedom eating from the wild in the land owned by our pigfarmers. In the last days of their lives, our pigs eat fodder based on vegetable and seasonal products. All our pigfarmers form part of the Basatxerri Association.

Pork and sausages of our table

Basatxerri, Basque mountains


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The pork and sausages of our table


Association formed by Gipuzkoan, Araban and Bizkaian pigfarmers.




The place where we keep our bread, jam and cheeses from the Basque Country. All of our cheeses are made using milk pasteurized from our local sheep breed, Latxa.

Basque cheeses, jam and bread.

Joseba Astarbe, Mendiola farm House, Astarbe, Astigarraga .

↓The Kings Road

Map of producers→


1.Ondare jam: Idoia.

2.Goine cheese factory: Joseba and Maria Jose.

3. Mendiluze bakery: Xebas.

4.Ekiola cheese factory: Desire, Pantxika and Kati

5.Onkizu cheese factory Javier.

6.Garoa cheese factory Jon and Martina.


↓The Kings Road

The Kings Road

Passing just in front of our farmhouse, since 1563, the kings road has kept our Baserria connected to the world outside. For over 15 generations, it has and continues to be the route used by local producers to receive and deliver products. In this category or part of the Baserria we obtain the products that our land can’t provide in exchange for ours. Cod, fish, Ice-cream amongst others produced nearby.

Imported products

The Kings Road(S. XVI-XVIII)

↓The Cellar

Map of producers→

The Kings Road

1.Uriña butcher: Imported beef.

2.Rosa Maris´s fish market: Fish and seafood.

3.Lizartza Selekzioa: Cod

4.Cubamar: Cod

5.Rafa Gorrotxategi: Chocolates and sweets

6.Obrador Grate: Fernando, Ice-cream.

←The Kings Road

↓The cellar

The cellar

The heart of our Baserria where our cider is aged. Cider from the Basque Country, still and sparkling.

Where the best ciders aged

Cellar from 1823, Mendiola farm house, Astarbe.

Map of producers→

The cellar

1.Astarbe Sagardotegia

←The cellar